One Night In Hell

  • From internationally award-winning animation studio and production company Unanico Group, and visionary rock musician Brian May, a 3D phenomenon of 1860s Paris is unleashed on the 21st century.

    ‘One Night in Hell’ is a devilish and spectacular animation short that tells the story of one skeleton’s journey into a stereoscopic Hell. The film features exclusive new music from Brian May & the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. The film is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of ‘One Night in Hell’.

    Access to the Deluxe Edition of ‘One Night in Hell’, which includes 9 incredible features, is through payment of a one-time membership fee. Following payment of the ‘One Night in Hell’ Deluxe Edition membership fee, you will be able to access and download all 9 features without further payment. Available worldwide.

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    The ‘One Night in Hell’ Deluxe Edition film package can be purchased here.

    The ‘One Night in Hell’ short film and documentary can be purchased on iTunes.

    The Diableries app is available on the App Store.

    The ‘One Night in Hell’ soundtrack is available on iTunes.

    Visit for more information and the latest news about ‘One Night in Hell’.

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